Improving your work life balance

We were desperate to move our little one from her cot-bed into her first big bed as well as improving storage in her room before all of her new Christmas toys arrived. Time was ticking by and we were so busy with work and Christmas shows at school etc that it seemed like it would never happen. Somehow we both couldn’t face using time at the weekend to trundle round IKEA and wait in the queue to pay.

Girl Thursday was amazing!

I simply send her my shopping list and she did the shopping. She delivered everything to our door and with the hour of her time that was remaining she came in (taking her shoes off automatically) and we constructed my little ones bed. Job crossed off to do list in the easiest way possible. Also I only bought what I needed instead of the 50 pounds worth of additional kitchen stuff and picture frames I usually bring home.

I would highly recommend Girl Thursday. Weekends are for R&R and fun with the kids. I don’t think I’ll ever go to IKEA again!