ikea19th December 2017

My daughter desperately needed more storage space for her small room and we wanted to replace her cot bed with something more grown up. The storage problem needed sorting before Christmas but time was so tight and our car boot is too small for the flat-packs.

 Louise came to the rescue. I ended up giving her a long shopping list for Ikea and she picked it all up then stayed with me to help assemble the new furniture. What could have taken us a whole Sunday only cost me a couple of weekday hours.

I’d looked at a few similar services but doubt any of those would have been as friendly and helpful as Louise. It made a big difference to be able to work on this project with a local mum – no sexist remarks or awkward moments, just friendly company.

I think there’s probably a big market for Girl Thursday’s services. This is a way to get things done when you just can’t find the time to do them yourself. I’d definitely recommend her.

Fleur, Muswell Hill

dirty buggy 2clean buggy 2

4th January 2018

Apart from the odd wipe down my buggy hadn’t been cleaned since my son was born (he’s just turned 3). I’m a busy mom of three kids and the last thing I wanted to do in the rare moments when my youngest is asleep is clean his buggy.

Calling Girl Thursday was a great decision. She came in bringing all of her own equipment, took the buggy apart (researching online to find out how to do the bits she wasn’t sure about), scrubbed, steam cleaned the seat meaning there was no use of any harsh chemicals and reconstructed the buggy all in time for me to use the buggy that day for pick-up.

Ange, North London

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