Girl Thursday comes to you in time blocks of 2.5 hours, that way she can make a real difference to you to do list. You are free to spend your time doing whatever or going wherever you like.

Girl Thursday offers a simple and transparent pricing structure with no membership, contract or joining fee required.

Simply bring Girl Thursday in for as long as you need her*:

    • 2.5 hours = £60
    • 5 hours   = £115
    • 7.5 hours = £165

If you need Girl Thursday for longer than a day or on a regular basis please call 07534 104626 to agree a rate.

* The rates above are for Girl Thursday’s time only. Any items bought on your behalf and/or expenses incurred whilst undertaking tasks will be in addition to these rates.


Girl Thursday is just a call or an email away:
07534 104626