How Girl Thursday works

Whether you are a busy family, a person with a hectic schedule or a company that needs a little extra capacity Girl Thursday comes to you in time blocks of 2.5 hours, that way she can make a real difference to your to-do list.

“It’s Girl Thursday’s mission to do the thinking as well as the doing”.

Need to source that perfect gift; ‘no problem’. Need to find the perfect party location, decorations and cake; ‘no problem’. Need to order fabric and carpet samples for your upcoming decorating job; ‘no problem’.

Give your to-do list to Girl Thursday – she will cross off as many jobs as possible within the time available.

Some examples of how you could use Girl Thursday’s time are below:

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Girl Thursday has come to you to wait in for a delivery meaning you can do what you always do on that day. Whilst Girl Thursday is waiting she gets going on your to-do list by: framing your most recent holiday shots, steam cleaning the couch (pets can messy!), researching a gift for an important birthday and deep cleaning your oven.

just image logo 2Girl Thursday has come to support you get organised and declutter. Your wardrobe is full of clothes that are out of season or that you haven’t worn in years. In the children’s room there are toys they have grown out of and you’re not sure what’s in the back of the kitchen food cupboards! Working with you Girl Thursday will ensure you keep the things you need whilst letting go of the things you don’t. What’s more she will take everything you no longer want away with her when your her time with you is up. Read about Hilary’s experience with Girl Thursday……

just image logo 2Girl Thursday has made a trip to IKEA meaning you can spend the weekend catching up with friends and relaxing with the papers. Once the things you wanted have been safely delivered Girl Thursday can assemble your items and tackle any other jobs on your to-do list.

just image logo 2Girl Thursday has come to support your business during a really busy period as bringing in Girl Thursday is the fastest way to get the short-term help you need. Across the day Girl Thursday makes an invaluable contribution to your business taking on all tasks in a professional and efficient manner.



Girl Thursday offers a reasonable, simple and transparent pricing structure with no membership, contract or joining fee required.

Simply bring Girl Thursday in for as long as you need her.

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Girl Thursday is just a call or an email away:
07534 104626